The Phoenix Project (DevOps Simulation)

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In order to keep the competition ahead, business is increasingly demanding shorter release cycles for new applications. Operations are often seen as a barrier with long bureaucratic controls and delays in supplying production systems. They benefit from stability. The development department is open to change and wants to deliver new functionality quickly and often.

DevOps is a growing approach to shorten lead-time, increase quality and improve collaboration. However, this requires both a change of mind-set and culture as well as learning new behaviours in Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops). Many companies struggle with the implementation of DevOps and changing the culture.

The DevOps simulation game is based on the book 'The Phoenix Project’. The organisation Unlimited Units is in trouble. Newspaper articles reveal the bad financial situation of the organisation. The only way to save not only the company but also to make it competitive and profitable is to start the project „The Phoenix Project”.

“The Phoenix Project” is an IT-enabled business transformation with Retail Operations as project owner. Scenario – The IT Manager of Operations is asked to take charge of the IT department and to ensure that „The Phoenix Project” will be a success. However, the IT Manager Operations faces a huge amount of work. Huge delays in issues, functions and projects.

Your team will assume different roles within the organisation Parts Unlimited. You act as Retail Operations, Human Resources and Finance – the roles of the management of the company and you act as IT Manager or one of the other IT team members who need to solve IT problems and the To develop applications.

Your challenge is to apply the principles of DevOps in this Business Simulation. In a number of rounds, you will work on IT projects and issues and ensure that „The Phoenix Project” is completed on time. But beware, the company continues to come up with new ideas and requirements, and developments from outside can also throw fun into the mix!

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This simulation is intended for various business roles; IT Development and IT Operations that want to apply Lean, Agile and ITSM principles in particular. To improve the performance of IT services or to deliver more value to the business


At the end of the simulation, the team will be better equipped to:

  • Apply the DevOps principles in your own organization
  • Make the right balance between delivering the agreed SLA and the IT projects according to plan
  • Describe how DevOps can increase the value of your organization
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT department
  • Improve collaboration within and between teams
  • Lever improved DevOps skills

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