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z/OS JES2 Operator Training

This course is designed to give the z/OS Operator personnel as well as entry systems programmers an overview about JES2. The students should be able to use JES2 commands at the z/OS Console and use SDSF.

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This basic course is for experienced system programmers and subsystem administrators responsible for installing and implementing z/OSMF in their enterprise.

You must have basic knowledge of z/OS UNIX System Services (USS), and the skills normally required to install a z/OS product using SMP/E and batch jobs to update system data sets.

RACF knowledge is useful, as well as WebSphere for z/OS.


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1 – z/OS and JES2 overview
  • Unit 1 – SDSF demo
  • Unit 2 – Manage a JES2 subsystem
  • Exercise 1 – Start a z/OS system

Day 2

  • Review day 1
  • Exercise 1 – Start a z/OS system (continued)
  • Exercise 2 – Log on to TSO
  • Unit 3 – Control JES2
  • Exercise 3 – JES2 commands
  • Unit 4 – Checkpoint, Spool offload, printer server, NJE, RJE, and MAS

Day 3

  • Review day 2
  • Unit 4 – Checkpoint, Spool offload, printer server, NJE, RJE, and MAS (continued)
  • Exercise 4 – Spool and checkpoint management
  • Exercise 5 – System display and search facility
  • Exercise 6 – Automatic Command Facility (optional)

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have completed:

  • z/OS Basic System Skill 
  • z/OS System Operations


  • Understand the z/OS environment and JES2 role
  • Start JES2 with focus on options and shutdown
  • Control JES2 with commands and SDSF
  • Control JES2 job flow, selection, and processing
  • Control output processing and printers
  • Understand z/OS influence on JES2 processing

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