Szkolenie Working with IBM? Opportunity Detect 9.1.x

BM Opportunity Detect enables you to look for specified customer behaviors and patterns in your customer data and identify them for outbound marketing efforts.
In this course you will learn and practice the fundamentals of building precise and detailed detection algorithms for event-based marketing campaigns. Starting from customer transactional data, you will learn how to design and configure the components of the logic employed by Opportunity Detect trigger systems (detection algorithms).
Using its user-friendly environment and all its capabilities, you will design and fine-tune event-detection logic and also learn the fundamentals of deploying those capabilities.

Profil uczestnika

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Marketing IT and Administration staff


  • Course Overview
  • Module 1: Opportunity Detect Basics
  • Module 2: Components of Trigger Systems
  • Module 3: Building Trigger Systems
  • Module 4: Methodology and Deployment
  • Course Wrap Up

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

Have some programming skills

  • Have ability to execute elementary SQL
  • Have ability to do temporal reasoning
  • Are conversant in marketing business concepts
  • Understand the high level dynamics of building outbound and inbound marketing campaigns
  • Have good understanding of the data encapsulated in business transactions in your industry
  • Have good understanding of your company’s business processes that generate transactions of value for marketing


You will have gained an understanding of Opportunity Detect’s role and purpose in a marketing effort.

  • You will learn the components of trigger systems and how to configure them.
  • You will have begun to build purposeful detection logic. Over time, and with experience, you will gain greater mastery of building and executing detection logic.
  • You will have gained a sense of the operational methodology of Opportunity Detect.
  • You will have learned by example, some of the logic building techniques that blend technique with business strategy.

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