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What’s new in IBM Connections 4.5

IBM Connections V4.5, social software for business, provides an exceptional social software solution that is designed to help enable users to access the right people and internal and external content in your professional networks and communities. IBM Connections is designed to help users engage with networks of expertise in the context of critical business processes in order to act with confidence and anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities.

In this workshop you will learn about the new features in IBM Connections 4.5, the capabilities provided by IBM Connections Content Manager and how to leverage the social Business toolkit SDK to socialize existing applications.

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This advanced course is designed for Solution architects and social networking administrators.


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: What’s new in IBM Connections 4.5
  • Exercise 1: IBM Connections features walk-through
  • Unit 2: Connections Content Manager (CCM)
  • Exercise 2: IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM)
  • Unit 3: WebSphere Application Server basics, architecture, and deployment
  • Unit 4: IBM Connections 4.5 installation
  • Exercise 3: Installing the social business toolkit SDK development environment
  • Unit 5: IBM Connections 4.5 migration

Day 2

  • Unit 6: Administration
  • Unit 7: IBM Connections mobile server administration and security
  • Unit 8: Security
  • Unit 9: Social business toolkit SDK
  • Exercise 4: Social business toolkit SDK: JavaScript
  • Exercise 5: Business cards
  • Unit 8: XML access
  • Day 2 Wrap-up and questions and answers
  • Exercise 6: Take home exercise: Installing IBM Connections and IBM Connections Content Manager – Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have:

  • Knowledge of IBM Connections 4.0 or attendance to IBM Connections 4.0 – Social Software for Business 
  • Good technical understanding of Web 2.0 concepts
  • High-level understanding of object-oriented programming concepts, systems, and languages
  • Review existing IBM Social Business resources and websites
  • Previous experience with IBM Connections or other WebSphere based applications
  • Familiarity with the Eclipse development environment
  • Familiarity with Java, Dojo, and OpenSocial


  • Learn about the new features in IBM Connections 4.5
  • Learn about the new capabilities provided by IBM Connections Content Manager
  • Learn the fundamentals of WebSphere Application Server
  • Learn how to install IBM Connections components
  • Learn how to leverage the Social Business Toolkit SDK to socialize existing applications

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