WAS for z/OS Liberty Profile

Liberty profile is a new application server run-time model that is available on all platforms supported by the WebSphere Application Server V8.5 product.

The IBM WebSphere Application Server „Liberty Profile” is a significant new approach to application serving. The Liberty Profile is designed to be composable, lightweight, dynamic and fast: Liberty is small, lightweight, highly composable, fast-to-start, dynamic application server runtime environment, with simple configuration. It can be deployed and started in seconds so it’s an ideal Java runtime for the cloud.

Liberty for z/OS provides the same features as Liberty on other platforms along with independently enabled extensions that exploit z/OS facilities such as Workload Manager (WLM), Resource Recovery Services (RRS) and System Access Facility (SAF), which provides close integration with the z/OS operating system.

WebSphere Liberty for z/OS provides the base infrastruture for z/OS Connect and WOLA which enables z/OS systems such as CICS and IMS to better and more easily participate in today’s Mobile computing environment.

This course introduces the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile on z/OS and covers installation and configuration. It describes how to install and administer a Liberty profile server as a started task, along with command-line scripts. The course also explains how to manage and monitor a Liberty for z/OS server environment.

Profil uczestnika

This intermediate course is for experienced data professionals such as z/OS system programmers who are responsible for the installation and customization of WAS V8.5 liberty for z/OS, along with Information Technology (IT) professionals responsible for the deployment applications into WAS V8.5 liberty on z/OS.


Unit 1. Overview

  • Describe the Liberty profile
  • Describe Liberty profile runtime architecture
  • Describe the functions provided by Liberty profile
  • Describe Liberty product packaging
  • Describe Liberty feature configuration
  • Describe the different options for using WebSphere Liberty in the Cloud
  • Describe the platform specific features of Liberty for z/OS
  • Describe the reasons to migrate your applications to Liberty

UNIT 2. Installing WebSphere V8.5.5 Liberty on z/OS

  • Identify key tasks for WebSphere Liberty for z/OS implementation
  • Explain the installation methods
  • Explain the role of the Installation Manager
  • Design a WebSphere Liberty for z/OS configuration for initial install
  • Execute the WebSphere Liberty for z/OS installation jobs
  • Configure the Java Runtime
  • Update the Liberty profile runtime code

UNIT 3. Working with Liberty profile servers

  • Describe the architecture of WebSphere Liberty for z/OS servers
  • Set up the Liberty profile
  • Create the Liberty profile server
  • Start the server
  • Start a Liberty Profile server from the UNIX command line
  • Start the server and Angel process as z/OS started task
  • Work with the server.xml file
  • Add new configuration options
  • Deploy an application
  • Configure dynamic application updates
  • Describe the z/OS Extensions to the Liberty Profile

UNIT 4. Administration and management

  • Configure and manage a Liberty profile runtime environment.
  • Deploying an application
  • by adding configuration elements
  • by using a monitored directory
  • Use tools to monitor, tune, and troubleshoot Liberty profile resources
  • Use the monitor feature, monitor the server status
  • Use the Administration Center to manage Liberty servers
  • Use jConsole
  • Monitor the Liberty profile runtime remotely using a REST connector
  • Implement multi-server Liberty deployments
  • Describe scalability and failover options of Liberty server
  • Setting up a Liberty collective
  • configure a Liberty collective consisting of a controller and a member.
  • add a new member and set up a Liberty cluster

UNIT 5. Security

  • Enable Liberty security services
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • SSL
  • Configure the basic security setup
  • Implement Liberty administrative security
  • Enable z/OS authorized services on the Liberty profile for z/OS
  • Configure SAF (RACF) Security
  • Configure SAF Authorization
  • Configure SAF authentication
  • Enable SSL using z/OS SAF Keyrings
  • Implement z/OS System Security Access Domain
  • Configure data sources and application security
  • Configure authentication aliases for the Liberty profile.
  • Enable sync to OS thread z/OS security

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have experience with the installation and customization of z/OS and its subsystems, including WLM, UNIX Services, and the Security Server (Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)), or equivalent product.


  • Describe the characteristics and architecture of the Liberty profile
  • Install and configure the z/OS Liberty profile
  • Describe Liberty profile features that are specific to z/OS
  • Deploy applications to a server
  • Create and configure z/OS Liberty profile servers
  • Deploy applications by adding configuration elements and by using a monitored directory
  • Configure data sources and application security
  • Use tools to monitor, tune, and troubleshoot Liberty profile resources
  • Use the Administration Center to manage Liberty servers

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