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UCS Director Implementation Fundamentals

This training course will enable Cisco end customers and authorized Cisco System Engineers (SEs) to understand the concepts, architecture and use cases that are related to a  Cisco UCS Director Deployment.  You will  learn how to implement basic Cisco UCS Director Deployment solutions with specific focus on the core features that most  Cisco UCS Director implementations require. Students should already be familiar with basic Data Center Concepts.

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Flexpod and UCS System Engineers involved in the deployment and management of data center solutions.


Cisco UCS Director Overview

  • UCS Director Overview

Cisco UCS Director Deployment

  • Cisco UCS Director Installation
  • Cisco UCS Director Configuration
  • Virtual and Physical Account Management
  • Administration and Troubleshooting

Self-service Portal

  • Overview of Self-service Portal
  • Managing Users, Roles, and Groups
  • Managing VDCs, Tenants, and Policies
  • Managing Catalogs and Templates
  • Managing Self-Service Provisioning
  • Configuring Chargeback
  • Reviewing Reports
  • Implementing Customer Onboarding with Secure Multitenancy


  • Using Orchestration


  • Overview of VMware Integration
  • Hosts, Clusters, and DRS Configuration
  • VMware Datastore Clusters and DRS Configuration
  • VMware: Virtual Networking
  • Host Profiles
  • VM Provisioning (Using an ISO Image), Template Management, VM Console
  • Administration of VMs, vMotion, Linked Clones, VM Annotation Support
  • SRM Integration
  • VM-FEX
  • Microsoft SCVMM Integration Overview
  • Adding SCVMM Account and Discovery
  • SCVMM Virtual Compute Management
  • SCVMM Virtual Storage Management
  • SCVMM Virtual Networking Management
  • Policies, VDCs, and Catalogs
  • Self-Service Provisioning

Compute Management

  • Theory of Operation, Benefits, and Value Proposition
  • Managing Cisco UCS Infrastructure Using the Cisco UCS Director
  • Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent
  • Compute Policies in the Cisco UCS Director
  • Monitoring and Reports in the Cisco UCS Director

Storage Management

  • Theory of Operation with NetApp and Cisco UCS Director
  • Supported NetApp Device with the Cisco UCS Director
  • NetApp Day Zero Configuration
  • Adding NetApp Accounts to the Cisco UCS Director
  • Monitoring and Managing the Cluster Mode NetApp Storage Devices with the Cisco UCS Director
  • Orchestration with NetApp
  • NetApp and Cisco UCS Director Integration Use Cases

Network Management

  • Theory of Operation, Benefits, and Value Proposition
  • Managing Cisco Nexus and Other Network Infrastructure Using the Cisco UCS Director
  • Network Policies in the Cisco UCS Director
  • Monitoring and Reports in the Cisco UCS Director


  • Integrations Overview


  • Lab 1-1: Use UCS Director as an End User
  • Lab 2-1: Cisco UCS Director Guided Setup
  • Lab 2-2: Cisco UCS Director Customization
  • Lab 2-3: Add Virtual and Physical Accounts
  • Lab 3-1: Create Policies, VDCs, and Catalogs
  • Lab 3-2: Self Service Portal and VM Provisioning
  • Lab 3-3: Chargeback and Reports
  • Lab 4-1: Orchestration
  • Lab 5-1: Provision VM Using ISO
  • Lab 5-2: VM Administration
  • Lab 5-3: SCVMM Integration
  • Lab 5-4: VM Provisioning on SCVMM
  • Lab 6-1: Install and configure Cisco UCS Director Baremetal Agent
  • Lab 6-2: Adding UCS Director BMA to UCS Director using GUI
  • Lab 6-3: Configuring UCS Manager using UCS Director
  • Lab 6-4: Adding UCS Director Physical Compute Policies
  • Lab 6-5: Configuring UCS Service Profiles using UCS Director
  • Lab 6-6: Adding UCS Director Physical Network Policies
  • Lab 7-1: Monitoring and Managing Network Elements in UCS Director
  • Lab 7-2: Creating Workflows for Network provisioning
  • Lab 8-1: UCS Director Storage Management

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • General knowledge of cloud and datacenter virtualization
  • Knowledge of Cisco UCS, NetApp Storage, Nexus, and VMware vCenter – DCUCI, DCUFI and VSICM recommeneded.
  • Knowledge of datacenter processes and best practices


  • Understand Data Center Challenges and the needs of Unified Data Center Solutions using the Cisco UCS Director
  • Install, configure and manage the Cisco UCS Director 5.1
  • Configure Virtual Data Centers, policies, catalogs, and cost models
  • Create and monitor service requests for provisioning
  • Define workflows using orchestration
  • Administer the software effectively
  • Customize the features for building proof of concepts

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