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Mobile Application Management and System Administration with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8

This course teaches you how to deploy, manage, and monitor mobile applications by using IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8. You learn how to install and configure the MobileFirst Server, deploy applications and adapters to a production environment or to Bluemix, and use the Application Center to distribute applications within an organization.

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This course is designed for mobile enterprise system administrators who want to deploy and manage mobile applications for any operating system or device, and securely connect and synchronize them with enterprise data, applications, and cloud services.


Course introduction
Introduction to MobileFirst Platform Foundation
Installing and configuring the MobileFirst Server
Exercise: Installing and configuring the MobileFirst Server
Using MobileFirst administration tools
Deploying mobile applications to a production environment
Exercise: Deploying a mobile application to the MobileFirst Server
MobileFirst security for system administrators
Exercise: Securing a MobileFirst Server environment
Monitoring and sending push notifications
Distributing mobile applications through Application Center
Exercise: Using the Application Center
Deploying mobile applications to the cloud
Exercise: Using the Mobile Foundation Service on Bluemix
Course summary

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Before taking this course, you must be familiar with the Ubuntu Linux operating system, have some experience with Bluemix, and be familiar with mobile or web application development. Some experience with WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile is also beneficial.


  • Describe MobileFirst Platform Foundation architecture and capabilities
  • Install and configure the MobileFirst Server
  • Manage MobileFirst application artifacts by using the MobileFirst operations console, MobileFirst Command Line Interface (CLI), and Ant
  • Secure access to the MobileFirst Server environment
  • Deploy applications and adapters to a remote test or production environment
  • Monitor applications and adapters that are deployed to a remote test or production environment
  • Monitor push notifications
  • Use the Application Center to distribute mobile applications within an organization
  • Deploy MobileFirst applications to the cloud

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