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IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud Analyst Best Practices

IBM® Tealeaf® Customer Experience on Cloud is a software as a service (SaaS)-based analytics solution for web, mobile web and native mobile applications. It helps customers understand and improve the overall user experience by analyzing behavioral problems from large and complex data sets.

This course provides a practical explanation of best practices in using Tealeaf for analyzing and optimizing web-sites, all based on the experience and knowledge derived from real-world scenarios. Those who complete this course will have the knowledge how to plan and execute analysis in IBM Tealeaf on Cloud, as well as how to link them with business results and goals.

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This intermediate course should be attended by all analysts planning to use IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud. This will help them determine what metrics are useful to track within IBM Tealeaf Cloud and how to accurately interpret the results. 


  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1: Introduction to business scenarios and use cases
  • Unit 2: Customer Listening & Reactive Problem Resolution
  • Unit 3: Proactive Monitoring
  • Unit 4: Multi-Channel and Cross-Organization Optimization
  • Unit 5: Naming Conventions for Events
  • Course Wrap-Up

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud Fundamentals 
  • IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud Events and Reports 
  • NOTE: All participants must understand how IBM Tealeaf Cloud events are built and operate. Therefore completing pre-requisite training is required to ensure that they will be able to successfully complete this course.


Participants will learn about best practices in analyzing issues in on-line application impacting the performance of the business. The course will provide the knowledge necessary to plan and execute the project as well as will explain how to quantify business impact of issues and deliver business value out of the analysis.

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