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IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience 9.0.1 Events and Reports

BM Tealeaf’s reports and analytical tools provide insight into your online visitors’ experience by using IBM Tealeaf Events. Events can track almost anything that occurs within an online session, and this flexibility requires that they are custom-built to each site.

This course provides detailed explanations of Event concepts and extensive practice building Events, all within the context of real-world scenarios. Those who complete this course will have the knowledge to build and analyze reports in IBM Tealeaf, as well as the skill required to build the Events that underlie all IBM Tealeaf analysis.

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This intermediate course should be attended by all analysts and administrators of IBM Tealeaf. In order to accurately interpret the resulting metrics, all analysts must understand how IBM Tealeaf events are built and operate. This will also help them determine what metrics are useful to track within IBM Tealeaf and how. Therefore, even if some analysts do not become designated Event Modelers, their participation in this course ensures that they will be able to work together successfully. IBM Tealeaf system administrators should also attend to better understand data integrity and support requirements.


  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1. Introduction to Event Building
  • Unit 2. Event Conditions
  • Unit 3. Event Values
  • Unit 4. Dimensions and Report Groups
  • Unit 5. Dimension Values to Record
  • Unit 6. Struggle Events
  • Unit 7. Search and Session List Templates
  • Unit 8. Alerts
  • Course Wrap-up

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You should have completed IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Fundamentals.


  • Understand Events and Hit Attributes.
  • Design Events to build reports or search goals.
  • Use Search and Browser-Based Replay features to locate the source information for an Event.
  • Create Dimensions and Report Groups to enable report segmentation and advanced searching.
  • Understand Dimension Whitelists and Group Lists, and select the appropriate settings.
  • Identify situations to use Struggle Events: Thrashing, Sequence, and Distance Events.
  • Create Search and Session List Templates.
  • Set up Event Alerts for tracking issues.

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