Szkolenie IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux

Learn advanced admiration skills for IBM Spectrum Scale systems.

Gain skills for installing, configuring, and monitoring a Spectrum Scale cluster.

Who Should Attend?

System administrators

What You’ll Learn

  • Migrating to IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2
  • Spectrum Scale 4.2 GUI
  • Multi-clusters
  • Clustered NFS
  • Cluster Export Services for multi-protocol support
  • SMB Protocol Support
  • NFS Support in CES; Ganesha overview/performance
  • Active File Management
  • AFM-Based Disaster Recovery (DR) and Asynchronous DR
  • Planning LTFS and GPFS environment for data archiving
  • File Placement Optimizer
  • IBM GPFS-FPO and integration with GPFS Hadoop connector
  • IBM Spectrum Scale Call Home
  • Monitoring and performance tuning
  • Flash Cache metadata migration

Course Outline

  • Migrate a GPFS 3.5 cluster to IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2
  • Migrate an IBM Spectrum Scale 4.1 cluster to 4.2
  • Describe and set up GUI interface
  • Execute performance collection infrastructure
  • Describe the IBM Spectrum Scale multi-cluster functionality, how to remote mount file systems and the security configuration in a multi-cluster environment
  • Describe, install, and configure Clustered Network File System (cNFS)
  • Define, deploy, debug, and log Cluster Export Service (CES)
  • Describe multi-protocol support
  • Describe the Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol family and clients; solve and monitor SMB recovery scenarios; troubleshoot SMB
  • Manage Ganesha default configuration change/list
  • Manage exports in CES Network File System (NFS) and debug CES NFS
  • Describe home and cache features
  • List the various Active File Management (AFM) modes; create and manage an AFM relationship
  • Define and introduce asynchronous disaster recovery (DR)
  • List the recovery point objectives (RPOs) and failover options
  • Describe the Spectrum Scale Disaster Recovery Architecture
  • Describe the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Enterprise Edition (EE) Introduction
  • Describe the GPFS policy-driven storage management
  • Describe the HSM archival solution with LTFS EE
  • Define how to create a file placement optimization (FPO) pool
  • Describe using Spectrum Scale with Hadoop
  • Identity the scenarios in which GPFS-FPO is applicable
  • Define Share Nothing Architecture
  • Describe the design and architecture of the Call Home feature and describe its functionality
  • List the usage/advanced usage of the Call Home feature
  • Describe GPFS Performance parameters and GPFS tuning considerations
  • Monitor a GPFS cluster
  • Describe flash cache capabilities
  • Move metadata to flash cache

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