Szkolenie IBM Security zSecure UNIX System Services (USS) Security Overview

In this workshop, you learn to maintain a RACF® database with IBM® Security zSecure™ Admin and monitor the system with IBM Security zSecure Audit. During hands-on exercises, you act as a RACF security administrator for a fictitious company. In this simulated job role, you learn to define a RACF security environment for a specific department.
This workshop teaches the basics of the security administration process and how to implement company security policies and guidelines into specific RACF profile definitions and settings. You learn to verify the quality and validity of RACF profiles that you define. Finally, you learn to interpret and report SMF events that the z/OS® system logs during this RACF management workshop.

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This intermediate-level course is intended for users that are involved with the maintenance of USS-related security definitions or auditing of the z/OS USS environment. For example, security administrators, compliance officers, systems programmers, and auditors can benefit from taking this course.


Unit 1: UNIX System Services security introduction
Unit 2: Protect files and directories
Unit 3: Report and audit UNIX System Services

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

Before taking this course, make sure that you have the following skills:

  •  Basic knowledge of and experience with RACF
  •  Familiarity with the IBM Security zSecure Admin or Audit ISPF panel interface

If you do not have these skills, you can learn these skills by attending one or more of the following suggested courses:

  •  Basics of z/OS RACF Administration
  •  Effective RACF Administration 
  •  IBM Security zSecure Admin Basic Administration and Reporting
  •  IBM Security zSecure RACF and SMF auditing


  • Describe the authorization checking process to access a UNIX file or directory
  • Create the appropriate RACF definitions to define a z/OS UNIX System Services user ID
  • Describe the audit options for z/OS UNIX System Services
  • Set up permissions to control access to a file or directory
  • List and maintain extended access control list (ACL) entries
  • List and maintain the audit settings for a file or directory

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