Szkolenie IBM OpenPages Administration (V7.0)

IBM OpenPages: Administration (V7.0) is a 3 day instructor-led course or self-paced virtual course in which IBM OpenPages application administrators learn how to administer key areas of the IBM OpenPages environment.

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This intermediate course is for those who will perform application administration tasks in the IBM OpenPages GRC Platform.


Module 1 – Introduction to Configuration Topics

  • Object types
  • Field groups and definitions
  • Field dependency and dependent picklists
  • Object type filters
  • Facts and dimensions
  • Role-based and object-type configurations
  • Home page tab and My work tab configurations

Module 2 – Security Overview

  • Folder based and record level security
  • Security domains and context points
  • Folder structures and location
  • Record associations
  • Hierarchical security concepts

Module 3 – Adding and Managing Users and Groups

  • User management interface
  • New group and new user addition, enablement, disablement
  • Passwords
  • Administrator and group administrator account creation

Module 4 – Adding and Managing Role Templates

  • Role access control settings
  • Role permissions
  • Default role reports

Module 5 – Adding Profiles

  • Profiles review
  • Default and Fallback profiles

Module 6 – Managing Security

  • Security domain administration
  • Organizational group administration
  • Default security reports

Module 7 – Adding and Managing Field Groups

  • Adding a field group
  • Including a field group in an object type
  • Sharing a field group among multiple object types

Module 8 – Adding and Managing Field Definitions

  • Data type review
  • Methods for required field settings
  • Field definition and group review
  • Field definition permissions (read only)

Module 9 – Creating Field Dependencies

  • Field behavior definitions (visible, editable, required)
  • Dependent fields use case
  • Creating and disabling field dependencies

Module 10 – Creating Dependent Picklists

  • Dependent picklists use case
  • Creating and disabling dependent picklists

Module 11 – Creating Object Type Filters

  • Object type filter use case for filtered list view
  • Object type filter use case for home page tab
  • Creating object type filters

Module 12 – Configuring Overvie

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