Szkolenie IBM ICM: Advanced Configuration (V8.0/V8.1)

IBM ICM: Advanced Configuration (v8.0/v8.1) focuses on important concepts that prepare you for a successful configuration. During the course, students will review the current state of the model, learn how to effectively use the time table and the date string tables in calculations, and how to use multiple calendars. Students will learn about elements of the Standard Build Framework including attributes, components and feeds, when to use the attributes approach to model design, and how to create port to feed data out of a component. The first part of the course ends with coverage of advanced calculation techniques and how to use consolidated outbound ports and the second part covers installation and configuration concepts, how to configure web client security and how to configure admin client security.

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This advanced course is intended for students who are ready to learn advanced configuration techniques.


  • Work with:
    • The Time table
    • The Date String table
  • Understand:
    • The concepts of the Standard Build Framework
    • The Base Model
    • The Attribute Approach
  • Use the Attributes table to attach an attribute meta data label to a calculation
  • Create:
    • A consolidated outbound calculation using a union calculation
    • Inbound and outbound ports
  • Reorganized calculation connections
  • Rename a port
  • Delete inbound and outbound ports
  • Use:
    • A Category calculation
    • A Sort calculation
    • An Accumulated Partition
    • The PREV() function in a calculation
  • Make modifications to the service configuration file to enable unicode and other settings.

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have:

  • Experience using Windows and Microsoft Excel
  • Both
    • IBM ICM: Introduction to Discovery (V8.0/V8.1)
    • IBM ICM: Fundamentals of Configuration (V8.0) 
  • Or
    • IBM ICM: Building the Model (V8.1)

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