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IBM Algorithmics Integrating Algo Risk Application

This is a Technical class that introduces attendees to Algo Risk Application, the components and related services, architecture, and troubleshooting techniques in order to be able to manage the product on a day to day basis.

To provide participant with:

  • A technical overview of Algo Risk Application
  • Understanding Configuration files
  • Starting and stopping services
  • Troubleshooting services
  • Log files, directory structures and best practices
  • Linking cubes and data files
  • Market configuration specifics, Basel Management Reporting configuration specifics
  • Authentication modes, ASEC authentication (Basel)

Upon completion of this class attendees will be able to manage ARA, its services, log files and components.

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This intermediate course is designed for technical support, operators and Integration Engineers who need a good understanding of ARA.


The two-day course is delivered through a number of mediums, including product demonstrations, instructor-led exercises and self-paced hands-on practice.

Day 1:

An end to end overview of the standard architecture of ARA and the processes that create the data it captures for analysis. focussed on components from a technical and system management point of view with functional overviews of component usage:

  • Market Risk Dataflow & Regulatory Capital Data flow
  • ARA GUI Functional Overview and Navigation
  • Installing ARA
    • Workshop 1
  • Configuration files, flavours and directory structures
    • Workshop 2
  • Authentication, Users and Administration
    • Workshop 3
  • Internationalization
    • Workshop 4
  • Configuring ARA for AlgoDataGrid
    • Workshop 5

Day 2:

Changing Config files, Batch and Upgrades

  • Adding new contexts (MtF) and data file links
    • Workshop 1
  • Batch and iaracli commands
    • Workshop 2
  • Configuring ara.properties
    • Workshop 3
  • Upgrading ARA
    • Workshop 4
  • Troubleshooting ARA
    • Workshop 5

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have Knowledge of windows, Unix and Linux at the command prompt, familiar with systems support and infrastructure.

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Jeśli potrzebujesz więcej informacji o tym szkoleniu, zadzwoń do nas +48 22 487 84 90 lub wyślij wiadomość.

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