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IBM Algorithmics: Integrating Algo Credit Manager

IBM Algorithmics: Integrating Algo Credit Manager is a three-day, instructor-led course. IBM® Algo® Credit Manager enables financial institutions to define and manage all stages of the credit process and helps ensure that critical information is escalated in an accurate and timely fashion in order to assist decision-making. This course is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the technical installation, configuration, and data migration aspects of IBM Algo Credit Manager. Attendees will participate in interactive Demos and Workshops that illustrate key concepts while learning how to use the product.

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This advanced course is designed for software engineers, IT specialists, and integration specialists.


Module 1 – Introduction and Product Demo

• Course Overview and course Objectives

• Intended Audience

• Participants Introduction

• Application Introduction and Use Cases

Module 2 – Overview of IBM Credit Manager

• Credit Risk definition

• Role of ACM for credit risk mitigation

• Qualitative risk information

• Risk calculation, credit lifecycle, document management

Module 3 – Planning an ACM installation

• Component definition and description

• Hardware and software requirements

• Deployment options

• Service and GUI applications

Module 4 – Installing ACM

• ACM package deployment on Windows and GNU/Linux

• ACM upgrade deployment

• Creating the initial ACM instance properties file

• Navigating the JLIB environment

Module 5 – Initializing and upgrading ACM databases

• Creating database schemas

• Adding database properties to the ACM instance properties file

• Initializing ACM, BPS, and EVT database schemas

• Checking ACM, BPS, and EVT schema versions

• Running ACM, BPS, and EVT schema upgrade scripts

Module 6 – Web Profiles and Algo Security

• Starting Algo Security and Tomcat

• Creating Logon Profiles

• Functional permissions

• Dual Control

• Third Party Credentials

• Assigning permissions to users, roles, and groups

Module 7 – Additional Services

• Additional JLIB tasks and module sub-services

• Starting additional services (AC, BPS, EVT, Rendition)

• Additional initial deployment tasks

• Verification of all services

Module 8 – ACCE and Daily Maintenance Tasks

• Context switching with ACCE services

• Daily maintenance tasks

• Scripting and scheduling tasks using cron

• Importing a standard edition database backup

Module 9 – Databoxes and Data Interfacing

• Databox types

• Databox guide

• Standard databox structure

• System actin databoxes

• Running databoxes against LCS loader and LCS server

Module 10 – Troubleshooting

• How to use log files to troubleshoot issues.

• Identify the jlib commands that can be used for troubleshooting.

• Common problems faced by ACM administrators.

• Developing a troubleshooting strategy, and using it to create a troubleshooting check-list.

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have:

  • Strong UNIX/Linux background, and understanding of XML

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