Szkolenie Developing Applications using Maven, Subversion, Nexus, and Jenkins

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This Developing Applications course will teach students the fundamentals of utilizing Maven, Subversion, Nexus and Jenkins for managing software version control and builds. Lecture and labs focus on creating and building Maven projects, testing with Maven and utilizing Maven for the build life-cycle. Students will learn about the Subversion architecture and utilizing working copies in the software development life-cycle. Conflicts and merging are also covered. Students will also learn how to utilize Nexus to browse repositories and search for artifacts. Jenkins’s utilization in conjunction with Maven for automatic, manual and continuous integration builds will be discussed.

Profil uczestnika

  • Developers
  • Programmers


  • Unit 1 – Maven Introduction
  • Unit 2 – Maven Basics
  • Unit 3 – Maven Build Lifecycle
  • Unit 4 – Testing with Maven
  • Unit 5 – Multi-module Projects
  • Unit 6 – Subversion Introduction
  • Unit 7 – Subversion Basic Work Cycle
  • Unit 8 – Other Subversion Client Options
  • Unit 9 – Nexus
  • Unit 10 – Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have knowledge of Java and an Eclipse-based IDE such as RAD or RSA.


  • Decipher concepts of version control using Subversion
  • Analyze advanced concepts such as branching and tagging
  • Define how to build and test projects with Maven
  • Utilize Subclipse as a primary took to work with Subversion
  • Identify the integration of Subversion and Maven while working with Maven
  • Describe the basic concepts on continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Discuss an introduction of Nexus for local repository access

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