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Deploying Hosted Collboration Solution

This course prepares delegates to configure the hosted collaboration solution in a cloud basis. This course focuses primarily on Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager and the Collaboration Mediation then to use the tools to deploy the telephony and Voice mail services as a hosted cloud solution for service providers and huge enterprises, also it covers the prime collaboration solution and the Backup and migration features

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This course is designed for: Network Administrators, Collaboration Cloud Admins, Service Provider / Managed Services Operators


  • Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) system overview
  • Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) architecture
    -UC Infrastructure Layer
    -Telephony Aggregation Layer
    -Management Layer
  • HCS Data Center and network architecture
  • HCS capacity planning
  • HCS Licensing and license server deployment
  • HCS service fulfilment architecture
    -Hosted Collaboration Mediation – Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2) Overview
    -Shared Data Repository (SDR) Overview
    -Hosted Collaboration Mediation – Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2) Deployment and Clustering
    -Hosted Collaboration Mediation – Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2) Functionalities and Services
    -Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager (CUCDM) 10.1(1) Overview
    -Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager (CUCDM) 10.1(1) Deployment and Clustering
  • Operating Hosted Collaboration Mediation – Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2)
    -Configuring and Using Service Inventory
    -Configuring and Using Infrastructure Manager
    -Configuring and Using Platform Manager
    -Configuring Licensing
    -Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) reporting
    -Backup and Restore Tasks
  • Operating Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager (CUCDM) 10.1(1)
    -Configuring CUCDM Hierarchy
    -Setting up CUCM, CUCxN and CUCMIMP in CUCDM 10.1(1)
    -Managing Users in CUCDM 10.1.(1)
    -LDAP integration and managing customer’s LDAP in CUCDM 10.1(1)
    -Managing Subscribers and Subscribers’ Features
    -CUCDM 10.1(1) Bulk Administration
  • CUCDM for Contact Center
    -CUCDM for Contact Center Overview
  • Cisco Unified Boarder Element SP 
    -CUBE-SP Overview
  • SS7 PSTN Integration with PGW2200
    -PGW2200 Overview
  • Cisco Collaboration
    -Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment Overview
  • Cisco Collaboration Deployment (PCD) 
    -Cisco Collaboration Deployment (PCD) Overview
    -Cisco Collaboration Deployment (PCD) Backup and Migration Features
  • Cisco Collaboration Assurance (PCA)
    -Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Features
    -Prime Collaboration Contact Center Assurance Feature Support
    -PCA Audio and Video Endpoints Monitoring
    -PCA Diagnostics and Reports

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • Working knowledge of fundamental terms and concepts of computer networking, including LANs, WANs, and IP switching and routing
  • Ability to configure and operate Cisco routers and switches and to enable VLANs and DHCP
  • Basics of digital interfaces, PSTN, and VoIP
  • Strong knowledge of converged voice and data networks
  • Ability to configure Cisco IOS gateways with traditional and VoIP call legs
  • Prior attendance of the following tracks is recommended: CCNA, CCNA voice, CCNP Voice.


  • Describe the Cisco Hosted collaboration solution, including CUCDM
  • Describe the different products under the HCS architecture
  • Describe the different management interfaces for the HCS
  • Describe the Prime collaboration
  • Describe the Prime Assurance
  • PGW and CUBE Overview

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