AIX Workload Partitions: Configuration and Management

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Students in this course will learn how to configure and manage workload partitions (WPARs) in the AIX environment. Hands-on exercises will reinforce the lecture and give students practice creating and managing both application and system WPARs using the command-line interface. Students will explore various configuration options such as implementing private and shared file systems, exporting devices, setting resource controls, and configuring network options. Students will practice operations such as starting and stopping WPARs, performing dynamic configuration changes, and tracking data in log files. The course also covers the installation, configuration and management of versioned WPARs using the AIX 5.2 Workload Partitions for AIX 7 licensed program product.

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The audiences for this training include System p and AIX technical support individuals, AIX system administrators, system architects and engineers.


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1 – WPAR introduction
  • Exercise 1 – Introduction to the lab environment
  • Unit 2 – Creating WPARs
  • Exercise 2 – Creating WPARs
  • Unit 3 – File systems

Day 2

  • Unit 3 – File systems (continued)
  • Exercise 3 – File systems
  • Unit 4 – Exporting devices and using rootvg WPARs
  • Exercise 4 – Exporting devices and using rootvg WPARs
  • Unit 5 – Networking

Day 3

  • Exercise 5 – Networking
  • Unit 6 – Resource control
  • Exercise 6 – Resource control
  • Unit 7 – WPAR system management
  • Exercise 7 – WPAR system management
  • Unit 8 – Versioned WPARs introduction – Topic 1
  • Exercise 8 – Setting up a versioned WPAR
  • Unit 8 – Versioned WPARs introduction – Topic 2

Day 4 

  • Unit 9 – Creating and managing VWPARs
  • Exercise 9 – Managing VWPARs
  • Unit 10 – VWPAR file systems and device configuration
  • Exercise 10 – VWPAR file systems and device configuration options – Part 1
  • Unit 10 – VWPAR file systems and device configuration (continued)
  • Exercise 10 – VWPAR file systems and device configuration options – Part 2
  • Wrapup and evaluations

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You must already be familiar with AIX system administration. This prerequisite can be met by attending the following course:

  • Power Systems for AIX II: AIX Implementation and Administration 


  • Describe the reasons for using workload partitions (WPARs)
  • Create application WPARs
  • Create system WPARs, including detached and rootvg WPARs
  • Configure WPAR network options
  • Configure WPAR file system options
  • Configure WPAR resource controls
  • Manage WPAR storage device access
  • Install, configure and manage an AIX5.2 versioned WPAR

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