Software Defined Networking Fundamentals

For the past 20 years, networking has not been able to quickly respond to changing business demands. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) promises to change this. SDN empowers the business to control network behavior by emphasizing the application instead of the network infrastructure.

Regardless of your hardware or software environment, this vendor-neutral course offers a clear picture of how SDN: Allows more efficient provisioning of new services and applications, Realises cost savings, Reduces configuration time and errors,Enhances security, Relates to/enhances cloud computing

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This course has been designed for individuals interested in gaining a high-level understanding of SDN


Identify and dispel the myths surrounding SDN

Determine the basic feature sets offered by different vendors and identify each vendor's style

  • Physical
  • Virtual
  • Firewall

Define SDN

The Evolution of SDN

Compare a traditional network and a SDN network

SDN terminology

  • Controllers
  • Devices
  • Applications
  • APIs (northbound and southbound)
  • Planes (mgmt, ctrl, data)

Draw a conceptual diagram of SDN

SDN enabling tools and technologies

Apply SDN to your organizational challenges

Business and technical challenges solved by SDN

Relationship between SDN and cloud computing

Roles and responsibilities in SDN

  • IT Management
  • Security and compliance
  • Network administration
  • Server and virtualization administration

How roles in an SDN network differ from a traditional network

How roles change, merge, and re-task for SDN

The need for collaboration between roles

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

A basic understanding of infrastructure and networking terms is helpful but not required.


  • Differentiate between SDN and its myths
  • Recognise the current SDN solution providers
  • Understand the Business and technical challenges that SDN solves
  • Understand how SDN enhances cloud computing
  • Recognize howSDN impacts your organization, your team, and you
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