Security Intelligence Fundamentals

Security Intelligence is a fairly new discipline for organizations of all sizes that has evolved from traditional log management and security information and event management solutions. This course focuses on the current IT and security landscape as well as the business and IT drivers behind a holistic IT security approach, which is a prerequisite to successfully thwart malicious attacks and the misuse of valuable enterprise assets.

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This course is designed for academic faculty and their students to gain an overview of today’s IT security challenges and how to utilize a properly designed Security Intelligence solution at its center to protect the valuable assets of an organization.


  • Unit 1: The status quo of IT security
  • Unit 2: Security Intelligence and Operations
  • Unit 3: Designing a Security Intelligence solution
  • Unit 4: Security Intelligence functional components

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

Before taking this course, the students require a thorough understanding of basic security fundamentals as introduced in the Security Foundation Course material that is available through the Cyber Security Specialist portal:



  • Identify enterprise business and IT drivers that influence the overall IT Security Architecture
  • Explain how a Security Intelligence solution can be used to investigate and stop advanced threats and address IT governance and regulatory compliance
  • Define the role of a centralized Security Intelligence solution and how it integrates with other IT enterprise securit components
  • Describe the functional components of a Security Intelligence solution base on the IBM Security QRadar SIEM solution
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