Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance

This course is designed to help learners understand how to install, configure, and manage the Cisco Email Security Appliance in a small to medium-sized business and enterprise installation. Knowledge application and basic troubleshooting skills are reinforced with the use of hands-on-labs.

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Individuals responsible for messaging implementations such as Enterprise messaging managers and system administrators, Email system designers, architects or Network managers.


Reviewing the Cisco ESA

  • Review the Cisco SMA
  • SMTP Conversation
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Pipeline
  • Cisco ESA Models and Licensing

Installing the Cisco ESA

  • Cisco AsyncOS Architecture
  • The Listener
  • Install the Cisco ESA

Administering The Cisco ESA

  • Localized Message Tracking and Reporting
  • Centralized Tracking and Reporting
  • Configure the Cisco SMA for Tracking and Reporting Messages
  • Administer the Cisco ESA
  • Manage Log Files
  • Create and Use Administrator Accounts

Controlling Sender and Recipient Domains

  • Configure Public and Private Listeners
  • Host Access Table
  • Recipient Access Table
  • Troubleshooting with Mail Logs

Controlling Spam with Cisco SensorBase and Antispam

  • SensorBase Network
  • Configure and USe Antispam
  • Quarantine Spam on the Cisco ESA
  • Safelist and Blocklist
  • Quarantine Spam on the Cisco SMA
  • Configure Bounce Verification

Using Antivirus and Outbreak Filters

  • Antivirus Overviw
  • Outbreak Filters Overview

Using Mail Policies

  • Overview of Email Security Manager
  • User-Based Mail Policies
  • Message Splintering

Using Content Filters

  • Content Filtering
  • Basic Content Filtering
  • Content Filtering Applications

Preventing Data Loss

  • The Data Loss Problem
  • The Cisco DLP Solution
  • DLP Configuration
  • RSA Engine

Using LDAP

  • LDAP Overview
  • Query Tokens and Operators
  • Configure and LDAP Profile
  • Configure SMTP Call-Ahead
  • University Case Study
  • Using LDAP Group Queries

Using Authentication and Encryption

  • Provision Cisco RES
  • Configure TLS
  • Use SPF to Authenticate Email

Using Message Filters

  • Mesage Filters Overview
  • Regular Expressions Basics
  • Message Filter Applications

Using System Quarantines and Delivery Methods

  • Quarantine Overview
  • Centralised Policy, Virus and Outbreak Quarantines
  • Set Delivery Limits
  • Configure Virtual Gateways
  • Configure ounce Profiles


  • Create a Clustered Environment
  • Join and Existing Cluster
  • Manage a Clustered Environment
  • Administer a Cluster from the GUI


  • Categories of Appliance-Related Problems
  • Monitor the System
  • Diagnose Problems
  • Common Problems and Solutions

Appendix A: Use DMARC to Authenticate Email

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • TCP/IP Fundamentals
  • Experience with Internet-based messaging, including Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP), Internet message formats, and Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) ICND2 Recommended


  • Install and Administer the Cisco Email Security Appliance
  • Control Sender and Recipient Domains
  • Control Spam with Cisco SensorBase and antispam
  • Use Anitivirus and Outbreak Filters
  • Use Mail Policies
  • Use Content Filters
  • Prevent Data Loss
  • Use LDAP
  • Use Authentication and Encryption
  • Use Message Filters
  • Use System Quaratines and Delivery Methods
  • Create a Clustered Environment
  • Troubleshoot the Cisco ESA
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