Platform as a Service Application Development Using IBM Bluemix

This course provides an insight of key concepts to clear IBM Cloud Platform Application Development
V1 certification. Building Cloud applications that are scalable, reliable, flexible & secure is the primary
focus of this course. Series of videos & hands on exercises will be provided in this course.

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  • Developers
  • Architects


Module 1:IBM Bluemix and cloud computing
Unit 1.1 -  Cloud_Service_Models
Unit 1.2 -  IBM Bluemix Overview
Unit 1.3 -  IBM Bluemix Capabilities

Module 2: Planning cloud applications
Unit 2.1 -  Bluemix Paas  
Unit 2.2 -  Bluemix and Cloud Foundry
Unit 2.3 -  Application Deployment 
Unit 2.4 -  Bluemix Management 
Unit 2.5 -  CloudFoundry CLI 

Module 3: Deploy your first application

Module 4: Bluemix Services

Module 5: Implementing cloud-ready applications
Unit 5.1 -  Twelve Factor Applications
Unit 5.2 -  Application Scaling 
Unit 5.3 -  Application Debugging
Unit 5.4 -  Load Testing 
Unit 5.5 -  Application Monitoring

Module 6: Enhancing applications by using managed services
Unit 6.1 -  Enhance Caching 
Unit 6.2 -  External Authentication
Unit 6.3 -  Messaging In Cloud
Unit 6.4 -  Using Cognitive API
Unit 6.5 -  Object Storage  

Module 7: Managing apps with DevOps Services 
Unit 7.1 -  DevOps Services Capabilities
Unit 7.2 -  DevOps Track and Plan 
Unit 7.3 -  DevOps Web Editor 
Unit 7.4 -  DevOps Source Code Management
Unit 7.5 -  DevOps Delivery Pipeline

Module 8: Cloud Developement and New IT
Module 9: Enhancing applications with Bluemix data services              
Unit 9.1 -  Bluemix Data Services
Unit 9.2 -  Data Services Features
Unit 9.3 -  Manage Data Services Instances
Unit 9.4 -  Manage DataWorks Instances

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • Participants should have a min 2+ yrs of Experience in Application Development.
  • Participants should have undergone complete project development Lifecycle(SDLC).
  • Fair knowledge on Cloud Application will be an advantage.


  • Cloud computing, cloud architecture, and how to maximize the value of cloud development
  • The components and features of IBM Bluemix, such as organizations, spaces, boilerplates, and services
  • How to quickly deploy and modify a boilerplate application in Node.js by using the Bluemix web interface
  • How to use the cf command line (Cloud Foundry) to deploy applications, understand the foundations of the Cloud Foundry architecture, and use buildpacks
  • How to work, connect the application and databases.
  • The advantages of applying test-driven development and agile best practices
  • How to modify your application by using DevOps services and tooling
  • The advantages of using environment variables and separating configuration from the code
  • The basics of containers, Docker files, and virtual machines
  • How to estimate the cost of your applications
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