Operating Your IMS Environment

This class will cover the various components and z/OS Address Spaces associated with an IMS System Commands, and other actions required to control an IMS System will also be covered.

This course is taught in a web conference medium with live instructor audio, and internet web conferenced materials. You have chat type Q and A ability, plus live audio. Since the class is taught live using web conferencing methods, you can attend from your home or work.

You will be contacted the week prior to class start and will receive connection information, hardcopy student materials and any other relevant information.

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This is an introductory course for anyone relatively new to IMS with a requirement to operate the IMS environment, such as data center staff, systems programmers, database analysts and application developers.


  • Introduction to Components of an IMS Environment
  • IMS Operations
  • IMS Diagnostics
  • Additional IMS Options

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

A basic understanding of Database Management and/or Transaction Management along with a working knowledge of z/OS tools and JCL.


  • Identify the various components of an IMS System.
  • Describe the purpose of key IMS System commands and how IMS responds to the commands
  • Learn to start and stop IMS in different circumstances.
  • Understand what processing an IMS Online System must performs in order to provide database and transaction integrity following an application or software failure.
  • Recognize the situations that lead to the need to perform recovery actions following certain abnormal system failures.
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