Managing, Monitoring, and Subscribing APIs with IBM API Connect V5

This course teaches you how to manage, monitor, and subscribe APIs with IBM API Connect V5. You learn how to manage and monitor the API Connect infrastructure through the Cloud Manager server. You learn how the API Manager server manages and enforces the API lifecycle. You also learn how to manage provider organizations and developer organizations, and how to customize the layout and design of the Developer Portal. Finally, the course explains how to analyze the API event record and statistics.

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This course is designed for API Connect cloud administrators, lifecycle administrators, and application developers.


  • Course introduction
  • Managing and monitoring the API Connect cloud
  • Demonstration: Managing and monitoring the API Connect cloud
  • Managing developer organizations
  • Exercise: Managing developer organizations
  • Working with catalogs
  • Exercise: Defining an API and Product in API Manager
  • The Product lifecycle
  • Exercise: Managing and approving API Products
  • Creating an application and subscribing to a plan
  • Exercise: Creating an application and subscribing to a plan
  • Customizing the Developer Portal
  • Exercise: Customizing the Developer Portal
  • API analytics
  • Exercise: Debugging an API and monitoring API usage
  • Course summary

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • Conceptual knowledge of the API Economy.


  • Manage and monitor an on-premises installation of API Connect V5
  • Manage developer organizations and registries
  • Create a catalog and Developer Portal
  • Customize the Developer Portal
  • Create applications and subscribe to plans
  • Manage Products and APIs through the Product lifecycle
  • Review and approve API lifecycle requests
  • Monitor and review API analytics
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