Introduction to IBM eMessage

This course introduces you to planning, designing, producing, and assessing mailing campaigns with IBM eMessage and IBM Campaign.

It provides a complete overview of the functionality of eMessage, primarily for users new to the system.

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This intermediate course is for users of IBM eMessage for email campaign management, including the following roles:

  • eMail Director
  • eMail Designer
  • List Designer


IBM eMessage Basics

  • What eMessage is and Does
  • IBM eMessage Concepts and Terminology
  • eMessage Roles
  • eMessage Workflow
  • eMessage Architecture Overview
  • eMessage Architecture: How the Components Interact

Configuring an eMessage Mailing

  • Types of eMessage Mailings
  • The Mailing Tab
  • Creating a Mailing
  • Mailing Execution and Status Section

Selecting Email Recipients

  • About the Recipient List
  • Planning the Recipient List
  • Building the Flowchart
  • Configuring the eMessage Process
  • Configuring the eMessage Process: Source Tab
  • Configuring the eMessage Process: Output Tab
  • Modifying a Recipient Output List

Creating eMessage Communications

  • Creating the eMessage Communication: Workflow and Roles
  • IBM eMessage Document Composer
  • Document Composer Concepts
  • Content Library
  • Features and Functions of the Document Composer
  • Personalization Fields
  • Conditional Content: Working with Rules
  • Creating Text-only Email Messages
  • SMS Messages
  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Document Composer Templates
  • Document Composer Preview Function
  • Preview Reports
  • Publish an eMessage Document

Testing and Sending eMessage Mailings

  • Testing and Sending Mailings: Workflow and Roles
  • Testing an eMessage Mailing
  • Sending Production eMessage Mailing
  • Confirm That the Mailing is Ready
  • Production Send: Standard Mailing
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Pause, Resume, or Stop a Mailing
  • View Execution History of a Mailing
  • Scheduling an eMessage Mailing
  • Schedule a Flowchart
  • Schedule a Mailing Run After a Scheduled Flowchart Run
  • Transactional Mailings
  • Transactional Mailing Architecture
  • A/B Testing

IBM eMessage Reports

  • Accessing Reports
  • Message Overview Report
  • Detailed Bounce Report
  • Detailed Link by Cell Report
  • Detailed Link Report
  • Mail Execution History Report
  • Deliverability Report

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • Introduction to IBM Campaign or equivalent experience and knowledge.


  • Identify and describe the major functions and purposes of eMessage
  • Identify and discuss the three roles of eMessage users
  • Describe the typical workflow of eMessage involving the three roles and their respective tasks in the process of designing and executing eMessage mailings
  • Define and describe the different types of mailings.
  • Identify the components of a mailing
  • Create a mailing
  • Design and execute an IBM Campaign flowchart to select recipients for an eMessage Mailing
  • Identify, and describe the purpose of, an Output List Table
  • Configure the eMessage process to generate field data for personalizing emails.
  • Configure the eMessage process to generate a Test, Seed, and a Production list
  • Describe the roles and tasks involved with the creation of eMessage communication.
  • Access the Document Composer and create a new email or landing page from a template.
  • Use the tools and functions of the Document Composer to configure communications, including
  • Add and edit content
  • Add personalization fields
  • Identify and use Droppable Zones
  • Adding conditional content and configuring rules
  • Identify key elements of an eMessage communication template
  • Use Preview tools in the Document Composer to monitor conditional content, links, and rendering by different email clients
  • Run a test mailing
  • Execute a mailing
  • Monitor a mailing
  • Access reports to analyze mailing execution and performance
  • Access information to analyze mailing deliverability and responses
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