IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator Workshop

This 5-day instructor-led workshop provides the skills necessary to analyze requirements and design solutions to implement real-time scenarios of Sterling B2B Integrator using multiple communication protocols. The workshop provides extensive hands- on use with Sterling B2B Integrator and provides exposure of real-time scenarios. You will learn about architecture, customization, AS2 communication configuration, web services, security, perimeter servers and overview of clustering.

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5 dni

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  • Course Overview
  • Lesson 1. Architectural Overview
  • Lesson 2. BPML and Services
  • Exercise. BPML and Services
  • Lesson 3. Services and Adapter Customization
  • Exercise. Services and Adapter Customization
  • Lesson 4. Overview of Property Files
  • Exercise. Overview of Property Files
  • Lesson 5. Introduction to Communication Protocol
  • Exercise. Introduction to Communication Protocol
  • Lesson 6. Web Services
  • Exercise. Web Services
  • Lesson 7. Security
  • Exercise. Security
  • Lesson 8. Perimeter Servers
  • Exercise. Perimeter Servers
  • Lesson 9. Clustering
  • Course Wrap Up

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • Awareness of B2B Product
  • IBM Sterling Integrator Fundamentals
    • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator BPM


  • Explain the high level Architecture of Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Describe BPML activities and service architecture
  • Use customized java application in business process
  • Develop and customize a new service
  • Analyze the standard property files and design a new property file
  • Use WebSphere Messaging Queue server for message communication
  • Apply various communication protocols through business process
  • Elaborate the steps to implement  web services in Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Generate  security certificates to implement secured communications
  • Explain the procedure to set up local and remote perimeter servers
  • Elaborate different cluster quality of services
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