IBM Content Navigator 2.0.2 - Administration

This course provides training on IBM Content Navigator configuration. You learn how to manage the content in IBM Content Navigator. You also learn how to configure repositories, create teamspaces, and customize desktops. You use the student guide and an IBM Content Navigator system to complete the learning.

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  • Anyone who needs to know the capabilities of IBM Content Navigator.
  • Administrators who configure and customize IBM Content Navigator using the Administration desktop.


Configure IBM Content Navigator

  • IBM Content Navigator Architecture and Features
  • IBM Content Navigator Web Client Components and Administration Desktop
  • Connect to and Configure a Repository
  • Configure Desktops
  • Configure Content Navigator for workflows
  • Desktops and User Access
  • Migrate desktops
  • Text Search and Cross-Repository Search
  • Create and Manage teamspaces
  • Register a Plug-in

Customize a Desktop Appearance

  • Customize the Banner appearance and  the login page
  • Customize Menus, Icons and labels
  • Viewer Maps

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

Familiarity with Content and Business Process Management (workflow) concepts.



  • Configure IBM Content Navigator
    • Manage content in IBM Content Navigator
    • Define Repositories and Desktops
    • Run Cross-Repository Search for content
    • Create and Manage Teamspaces
    • Register a Plug-in
  • Customize the Desktop Appearance
    • Customize a Desktop Banner and Login page
    •  Modify Menus, Icons, and Labels
    • Create a Viewer Map
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