IBM Cognos Transformer: Design OLAP Models (v10.2.2)

This course provides developers with knowledge of OLAP modeling concepts using IBM Cognos Transformer. Participants will learn how to design, build, and maintain PowerCubes for use in IBM Cognos BI so that end users can easily analyze data.

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• Developers who design OLAP models for use in IBM Cognos B


• Overview of IMB Cognos BI
• Transformer Fundamentals
• The Transformer Development Process
• Data Sources in Transformer
• Building a Model
• Considerations for Designing Successful PowerCubes
• The Time Dimension
• Relative Time
• Use Multiple Data Sources
• Uniqueness
• Working with Measures
• Allocated Measures
• Currency Conversion
• Alternate Hierarchies within a Dimension
• Advanced Dimensional Modeling
• Customize Cube Content
• Examine Security
• Appling Security
• Maintain Models and PowerCubes
• Considerations for Drill Through
• Optimize PowerCubes
• Partition PowerCubes
• Identify Common Data Structures

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

• Understand the business need for ad hoc queries and analysis
• Experience gathering requirements and analyzing data
• IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports - Fundamentals (Recommended)

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