IBM Case Manager 5.2 - Security

This course is for students whose job includes responsibility for designing, building, and administering Case Manager solutions. The course provides training for implementing security in Case Manager solutions. You work with a functioning IBM Case Manager system to practice the skills that are required to plan, configure, and assess security solutions.

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  • Case Manager administrators
  • Case Manager solution architects


  • Overview of Security Deployment
  • Work with project areas
  • Solution Security
  • Create a Security Configuration
  • Configure Target Object Store Security
  • Configure Deployed Solution Security
  • Customize a Privilege Definition
  • Use Security Proxies
  • Automate Case Security Changes
  • Additional Security Configurations

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • IBM Case Manager 5.2: Introduction to Case Manager 
  • IBM Case Manager 5.2: Build, and Migrate a Solution 
  • IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2: System Implementation and Administration


  • Describe the course objectives.
  • Outline the course agenda.
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