IBM Algorithmics Integrating Algo One

This is a Technical Administration class that introduces attendees to Algo Components 4.7.x for Market Analytics and the services, architecture and trouble shooting skills needed to manage the product on a day to day basis. In addition, it gives attendees an overview of the use of components like DM, IDM, ASE and RW. This course covers all aspects of the data flow for Algo Market Analytics up to reporting stages.

Although aimed at Algo Components V4.7.x this course is also suitable for 4.6.1.

You may choose to combine your attendance of this course with our two day, 'Intregrating Algo Risk Application (ARA)' course, to provide you with full 'end to end' technical training over five days.

To provide participants with:

  • A technical overview of Algo Components for Market Analytics
  • Input data and Components
  • Starting and stopping services
  • Troubleshooting services
  • Algo Commands
  • Log files, directory structures and best practices
  • Component configuration files
  • Algo TOP and Algo HOME concepts

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This intermediate course is designed for technical support, operators and IE's that need a good understanding of our Market Analytics Architecture.


The course is delivered through a number of mediums, including product demonstrations, instructor-led exercises and self-paced hands-on practical sessions.

Algo Market Analytics Architecture and deployment

An end to end overview of the standard architecture of Algo Components for Market Analytics focussed on components from a technical and system management point of view with functional overviews of usage:

  • Input Data Manager - (IDM)
  • Access Control Server - (ACS)
  • Access Control Manager - (ACM)
  • Universal Data Server - (UDS)
  • Algo Scenario Engine - (ASE)
  • Risk Watch - (RW)
  • AlgoBatch - (ABE)
  • Algo Risk Application - (ARA)

Install procedures

  • Standard installation pre-requisites
  • Deploying Algo Top
  • Configuration with Algo Setup
  • Directory structures
  • Component config files

Maintaining and Algo One Implementation

  • Patching concepts
  • Component patches
  • Licensing
  • Database patches
  • Migration
  • Best Practices

Batch Development and Maintenance

  • Algo Batch Concept
  • Creating a batch stream
  • Running and maintaining Algo Batch Streams
  • Troubleshooting a production Batch
  • ARA - quick overview

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You should have:

  • Knowledge of windows, Unix and Linux at the command prompt being familiar with systems support andinfrastructure
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