Hunt APTs with Yara like a GReAT Ninja (Kaspersky)

Have you ever wondered how Kaspersky discovered some of the world’s most famous APT attacks? Now, you can enhance your threat hunting career, improve incident response strategies for your business and get the inside track - from the comfort of your home. In our brand new online training, Kaspersky experts will lead you through an essential tool for every APT hunter: the Yara detection engine.

This self-paced training is suitable for experienced Yara users as well as beginners who have knowledge of the Yara language and basic rules. Anyone with basic experience of handling malware samples, using analysis tools to look at malware and general knowledge about operating systems, executable files, APIs and data formats will enjoy the highly practical course. Our training includes a hands-on virtual lab with lots of exclusive exercises from real world cases worked on by Kaspersky researchers.

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  • InfoSec professionals 
    IT Security professionals will learn how to advance their career as a threat hunter and hunt threats more efficiently.
  • Enterprises
    Train your teams to find new malware samples, exploits and zero-days and speed up incident response. Improve your organizations' defenses with custom rules.



Training objectives:

  • Write cleaner, more efficient, Yara rules
  • Utilize tips & tricks to create fast and efficient rules
  • Use Yara generators to save time and effort when writing codes
  • Test Yara rules for false positives that could skew your results
  • Hunt new undetected samples in your infrastructure and cloud platforms 
  • Use external modules within Yara for even more efficient hunting
  • Discover secrets of anomaly search
  • Test your new skills on real life cases like BlueTraveller and DiplomaticDuck


  • Use our virtual lab to complete 20+ practical exercises, all based on Kaspersky’s exclusive APT research.
  • Take your cybersecurity skills to the next level by learning how to identify threats quicker and with less effort.
  • Kaspersky experts are threat hunting pioneers. Now you can discover how YARA helps them uncover APTs that nobody else can find.


How you'll learn?

  • Video lectures featuring Costin Raiu - Learn from a 25 year Threat Hunting ninja and Director of Kaspersky’s industry leading Global Research and Analysis Team.
  • Active learning - Engaging learning tools & quizzes to support effective knowledge transfer.
  • Hands-on virtual lab - Work with real cases like BlueTraveller and DiplomaticDuck in our virtual lab.


Benefits for you:

  • 6 months to complete your course from activation of your access code
  • Courses delivered in English with subtitles
  • Self-guided learning that fits around your life
  • It will take you approximately 15 hours to finish the course
  • PDF downloads of training materials & tips
  • Browser-based via desktop, mobile & tablet (excludes virtual lab which requires an RDP client)
  • Costin Raiu, Director of GReAT, Kaspersky
  • Over 50 videos to guide you through the course
  • 200 hours of virtual lab time for hands-on learning
  • Available by email 0900 - 1730 UK time on standard business days via


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