GDPS/XRC Implementation Workshop

Before you enroll, review the system requirements to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course. You must have an Active Supported GDPS license of this course type in order to enroll.

After you receive confirmation that you are enrolled, you will be sent further instructions.

This workshop is intended for IBM technical professionals (IT specialists, IT architects, technical sales specialist, etc) who will be involved in implementing or architecting a GDPS/XRC solution (XRC is also known as z/OS Global Mirror). Project managers who will manage a GDPS/XRC implementation project will also benefit. The workshop is also intended for technical customer staff (systems programmers, storage specialists, automation specialists, operations/production control specialists, etc) who are new to GDPS and are looking to develop GDPS skills because their job directly or indirectly involves GDPS. Note that customer attendance is restricted to customers with a valid GDPS/XRC license.

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This basic workshop is restricted to employees of enterprises with an existing, valid GDPS/XRC license.


  • GDPS/XRC Overview
  • XRC Overview with XRC TSO lab
  • GDPS policy customization with lab
  • GDPS Standard Actions with Site Table customization and Standard Actions lab
  • GDPS planned and unplanned actions scripts
  • GDPS planned actions lab
  • GDPS unplanned actions lab
  • GDPS FlashCopy support with lab

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

  • Database replication administration/management
  • z/OS and Sysplex management, including TCP/IP
  • Automation
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring
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