GDPS/MGM 3-Site Implementation Workshop

This workshop is intended for IBM Customers and IBM technical professionals who will be involved in implementing an GDPS/MGM 3-site solution. Project managers who will manage a GDPS/MGM 3-site implementation project may also benefit.

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The basic workshop is also intended for technical customer staff (systems programmers, storage specialists, automation specialists, operations/production control specialists, etc) who are new to GDPS and are looking to develop GDPS skills because their job directly or indirectly involves GDPS.


  • Overview of GDPS/MGM
  • MGM Technology Overview
  • System Automation Policy definition for GDPS/MGM
  • Defining the disk configuration to GDPS/MGM
  • GDPS User Interface exploitation
  • GDPS Remote script execution
  • GDPS MGM 3-site procedures and scenarios
  • GDPS MGM 4-site overview

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

You must have attended both the GDPS/PPRC Implementation Workshop and GDPS/Global Mirror Implementation Workshop to get the most out of this workshop as these two subjects are not covered in any detail and prior knowledge is expected. A good working knowledge of both GDPS/PPRC and GDPS/GM is assumed.

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