Cisco CCNA Data Center Boot Camp (Accelerated)

This exclusive course is a combination of the DCICN and DCICT courses and helps prepare you for the CCNA Data Center certification exams. 

You will be given the foundational knowledge and a broad overview of Cisco Data Center products and their operation, covering the architecture, components, connectivity, and features of a Cisco Data Center network. You will gain practical experience configuring the initial setup of Cisco Nexus 7000, Cisco Nexus 5000, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), and Cisco MDS Multilayer Fabric Switch. You will also learn to verify the proper operation of a variety of features such as Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), Cisco FabricPath, Port Channels, virtual Port Channels (vPCs), and Cisco Nexus 1000V Distributed Virtual Switch for VMware ESXi.

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Individuals involved in the management and administration of a Data Center.


After completing this course you should be able to:  

  • Describe and configure Cisco UCS
  • Describe and configure Cisco data center virtualization
  • Describe and configure Cisco data center networking
  • Describe and configure Cisco automation and orchestration
  • Describe and verify Cisco ACI

Wymagane przygotowanie uczestników

Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have completed CCNA Routing and Switching (ICND1 + ICND2)


Basic Data Center Networking Concepts

  • Describing Data Center Network Architectures

Basic Data Center Storage

  • Describing Storage Connectivity Options in the Data Center
  • Describing Fibre Channel Storage Networking
  • Describing VSANs

Advanced Data Center Storage

  • Describing Communication Between Initiator and Target
  • Describing Fibre Channel Zone Types and Their Uses
  • Describing Cisco NPV Mode and NPIV
  • Describing Data Center Ethernet Enhancements
  • Describing Fibre Channel over Ethernet

Cisco UCS Architecture

  • Describing Cisco UCS Server Hardware Components
  • Cisco UCS Physical Connectivity for a Fabric Interconnect Cluster
  • Describing the Cisco UCS Manager Interfaces

Cisco Data Center Network Virtualization

  • Describing Functional Planes of Cisco Nexus Switches
  • Describing Cisco Nexus Operating System VRF Contexts
  • Describing Virtual Device Contexts
  • Describing the Function of Overlays
  • Describing Virtualization
  • Describing Virtual Switches

Cisco Data Center Network Technologies Configuration

  • Describing Cisco Fabric Extender Connectivity
  • Describing Port Channels and Virtual Port Channels
  • Describing Cisco FabricPath
  • Describing Unified Port Feature of Cisco Nexus Switches
  • Describing Cisco Unified Fabric

Cisco Unified Computing System

  • Describing Data Center Server Connectivity
  • Describing Cisco IMC Supervisor
  • Describing Cisco UCS Manager Operations
  • Describing Hardware Abstraction in Cisco UCS

Data Center Automation and Orchestration

  • Exploring the Utility of Application Programming Interfaces
  • Introducing Cloud Computing Basic Concepts
  • Describing Cloud Attributes and Service Models
  • Describing Cisco UCS Director
  • Describing VDCs, Tenants, and Policies
  • Describing Orchestration
  • Managing Catalogs and Templates
  • Reporting in Cisco UCS Director (CloudSense)

Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure

  • Describing Cisco ACI
  • Describing Cisco ACI Fabric
  • Programming and Orchestrating Cisco ACI



  • Lab 1: Connect to Cisco Nexus Series Switches Using SSH
  • Lab 2: Configure VRFs
  • Lab 3: Explore the Elements of Virtual Device Contexts
  • Lab 4: Install VMware ESXi and vCenter
  • Lab 5: Configure the Cisco Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender
  • Lab 6: Configure Virtual Port Channels
  • Lab 7: Configure Virtual Port Channels with FEX
  • Lab 8: Configure Cisco FabricPath
  • Lab 9: Configure Unified Ports on Cisco Nexus Switch
  • Lab 10:  Implement FCoE
  • Lab 11: Configure the Cisco UCS 600 Series Fabric Intercomect
  • Lab 12:  Navigate the Cisco UCS Manager GUI Interfaces
  • Lab 13: Configure Local RBAC 
  • Lab 14: Configure Pools
  • Lab 15: Configure a Service Profile Template
  • Lab 16: Configure Cisco NX-OS with APIs
  • Lab 17: Explore the Management Information Tree of the Cisco UCS Manager XML API
  • Lab 18: Configure User Accounts in Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 19: Add Virtual and Physical Accounts to Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 20: Customize Cisco UCS Director
  • Lab 21: Explore Cisco UCS Director Monitoring Capabilities
  • Lab 22: Create Policies and VDCs
  • Lab 23: Create a Catalog and Provision a VM Using the Self-Service Portal and Explore Reports
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