Bluemix Infrastructure Fundamentals

This course introduces Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly Softlayer) Infrastructure-as-a-Solution (laaS) solutions through instruction and hands-on labs activities. Attendees will gain the basic fundamentals needed to become more proficient in Bluemix Infrastrucuture and make informed decisions about laaS solutions based on business requirements.

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Infrastructure Leaders, IT Operations Manager/Systems Administration, IT Security Management, IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, Solution/Software Architecture


Day 1
    Lesson 1: Changing the Landscape Without Changing the Definition
    Lesson 2: Defining SoftLayer Cloud Architecture
    Lesson 3: Connecting to the Cloud ? SoftLayer network options, Part 1
    Lesson 4: Connecting to the Cloud ? SoftLayer network options, Part 2

Day 2
    Lesson 5: Keep safe ? securing your SoftLayer virtual instances
    Lesson 6: Storing Your Data
    Lesson 7: Understanding SoftLayer Managed Services
    Lesson 8: Monitoring and Management
    Lesson 9: Leveraging the SoftLayer Differentiators
    Wrap up and Next Steps


  • Describe basic SoftLayer information, such as company structure, client billing, and data center locations and services offered at each location
  • Learn how to navigate the SoftLayer customer portal
  • Recognize cloud terminology and architectural concepts as the terms and concepts relate to SoftLayer
  • Explain security and compliance, including data privacy
  • Differentiate the SoftLayer storage options
  • Discern the multiple network options and performance implications
  • Describe how to use Managed Servicers in a product environment
  • Compare SoftLayer to international, national, and regional competitors
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